The efforts to increase the awareness of smoking and the illness that result from it are larger than ever. And yet, the numbers of individuals who smoke do not seem to decrease for a reason or another. Many people start smoking because they think this is a cool way of showing someone that one may take their own decisions in life. Also, some people claim that smoking it helps them relief their stress and simply makes them feel better. Everyone starts smoking for a reason but most of these people do not weigh their reasons with the potential outcomes of tobacco and smoking. Here you can read more about the various facts when it comes to tobacco and the diseases that are associated with it.

It is estimated that the 20th century brought about a change in the number of smokers and more importantly, the number of illnesses caused by this habit. When cigarettes first started being manufactured, they were rolled by hand and it is said that a skilled individual could roll up to four cigarettes every minute which meant about 2000 cigarettes a day. Afterward, the machine for making cigarettes was invented and the production was suddenly boosted to about 0 cigarettes a day. Not long from then, the number of cigarettes sold per year reached 1 billion and even up to this day it keeps on growing. It is estimated that every second, 840 packs f cigarettes are being sold only in the US. The constantly increasing numbers in the cigarette industry brought along an increase in the number of deaths caused by smoking. It is estimated that one in five individuals die in the US because of this unhealthy habit. It might seem incredible, but the statistics shows that smoking kills more people than cocaine, alcohol, fire, car accidents and AIDS all together do. The statistics show that about 0 people die every year because of tobacco, and some say these deaths are needlessly.

The occurrence of tobacco related diseases has also increased. The industry can nowadays supply smokers with as many cigarettes as they need and this makes controlling this addiction even more difficult. The smoking facts show that every eight seconds, a person dies because of a condition caused by tobacco. Premature death because of smoking can however be prevented through education and effort to quit of the individuals who got addicted. The diseases developed by smokers are also shown to kill individuals with about 7 years earlier than non-smokers. Smoking can cause several deadly illnesses which develop slowly, and often without any symptoms unless the disease reaches the most advanced stage when nothing else can be done. Smoking can thus cause heart disease, lung and esophageal cancer, chronic lung disease, cancer of the bladder, kidney and pancreas. Moreover, tobacco can contribute to the development of cancer of the gum, mouth, larynx and esophagus. As one may see, everything that comes into contact with the inhaled tobacco is at risk of developing an abnormality. Bronchitis and emphysema are other diseases that may be caused by cigarettes.

The statistics are quite straightforward when it comes to proving how dangerous smoking is. It is estimated that about 10 million people in the US have died because of tobacco related illnesses and from these, 2 million died because of lung cancer alone.

The numbers will keep increasing if one does not take an attitude and start being more responsible towards their own health. Most importantly, the numbers of teenagers smoking keep on increasing and this is something that today’s society must prevent with its entire possible means. Only in this way one can secure their future and that of those whom they love.

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