Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits that individuals are exposing themselves to and the statistics prove this fact. More and more people smoke from different reasons and they increase their chances to develop a tobacco related illness that will significantly shorten their live with every cigarette they smoke. Even more worrying is the fact that teenagers and children start smoking even sooner than anyone would expect and there are ways in which every individual could stop this from happening.

Children and teenagers usually start smoking because they think this is the way in which they can show that they have grown up and that they can take their own decisions. Unfortunately, most of them are unaware of the risks they expose themselves to especially given the fact that smoking is addictive and the sooner they start smoking the more difficult it will be to quit. There are many diseases and illnesses associated with tobacco and smoking and most teenagers do not know them. This is why education is one of the best ways to prevent teenagers and children from smoking or to help them to quit once they have started.

Lung cancer accounts for over 2 million deaths in the US alone and it is estimated that about 8 other million people have died in the US due to a tobacco related condition. Preventing children starting smoking will help the society improve these numbers and making sure that young lives are not sacrificed needlessly. Tobacco kills individuals in each of its forms and children and teenagers should be aware of all the risks they are taking when they take the decision to start smoking. Only in this way they will be able to secure the future of their health and the length of their life span. It is estimated that tobacco shortens one’s life by 7 years.

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