The dangers of tobacco are closer to children and teenagers in today’s society than people think. Young individuals are the target of seemingly clever marketing strategies through which tobacco companies trap children and teenagers as new customers and thus tobacco smokers. Teenagers are an easy target for these companies that judge their profits in numbers with a significant numbers of zeros. They know that young individuals are at an age when they are trying to prove something to the rest and smoking has become the cool thing to do when wanting to show that one is a grown up.

It is estimated that about 0% of the smokers start using tobacco, in its different forms, when they are 18 years old. The idea behind this ill minded strategy is that the younger the individual is, the less information he will know about the risks that tobacco entails. For the tobacco companies, teenagers are at the age when they can still be convinced that smoking will do the trick for them. Once the age is passed, they know that their potential customers will be lost as they are less likely to start smoking when they are older.

Selling cigarettes to minors is illegal in most states and in most parts of the world. And yet, the numbers show that about 1 million packs of cigarettes are sold illegally to children younger than 18 every year. This brings revenue of about 221 million dollars for the tobacco industry so there is no incentive from their part to abolish these practices. The result is that they invest a lot of money in campaigns that reach the children and which will ultimately render them to try cigarettes out and then to continue smoking. But it is time that these practices change and one must take action and educate children about the dangers of smoking.

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