There is a great need to become involved in campaigns to prevent the use of tobacco in children. More and more children find cigarettes as a cool way to show that they have grown although smoking does not prove anything else than ignorance. Medical staff cannot stress enough how bad smoking is for one’s health and how damaging it can be on the long term. Moreover, smoking is not only damaging for those who actually smoke, but also for those who inhale the smoke from active smokers. It seems that for the latter, the risks are even greater.

Organization that would give a helping hand to parents all over the world in making sure that their children do not start smoking or that they stop smoking are needed. This type of work is greatly appreciated and should be seen as such. As mentioned above, there are different reasons why people and especially children start smoking. At an early age, this activity may seem something they could have in common with the older guys and it could be the frame for a further relationship. Many of the smoking kids believe that smoking is what shows their maturity and which proves the fact that they are no longer children, but grownups. Unfortunately, this habit only proves one’s inability to realize that smoking is not a proof of anything else than ignorance.

Parents these days seem to have less and less control over the actions of their children. This is mostly because the capitalist world prevents them from being at home, next to their children more time a day. And from this point of view, they are not to blame but they need help in coping with the modern kid. There is no answer to the question what should one do to prevent one’s children from smoking. Children are all different and they might be tempted sooner or later to smoke.

Education does however play an important part in avoiding tobacco in children. Tobacco is out there and even though it is sold only to individuals who are over 18 or 21, it is still highly accessible to children. They would find other ways to get it if they want it. This is why children should be educated about the dangers that come with tobacco and about the fact that smoking does not add anything good to their personality or image, but an unpleasant smell and potential lung problems in the future.

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