Tobacco is one of the habits that seem to be increasing in popularity despite all the efforts to make people realize how dangerous it is for them. Individuals all over the world claim that they smoke from different reasons which may include a relief from stress or anything else such as the desire to seem older than one actually is. This is in fact the case in many teenagers that start smoking at an early age. They do it because they want to prove that they are now grownups and they can do whatever they want with their lives. Unfortunately this is a bad decision and teenagers should be stopped from taking it.

Tobacco is the cause of many health problems that tend to appear after several years of smoking. The tricky thing with this unhealthy habit is that smokers do not feel bad or sick instantly as tobacco acts on the organism along an increased period of time. The diseases that it causes are slowly developing and will not show signs until the smoker gets significantly older. These diseases are in most cases deadly because smokers also become dependent on tobacco and will most likely be unable to quit smoking. People who smoke often claim that they can quit whenever they want but this is not true. One of the substances in tobacco, nicotine, creates dependence and this will render individuals unable to quit smoking, unless they have a very strong desire to do so.

The problems that smokers are confronted in their lives can vary significantly from individual to individual. There are other factors that count as well but in the end the effect that smoking has on one’s life is terrifying. Firstly, smokers are much more prone to developing heart problems that might in the end shorten their life span. Smoking affects the functioning of the blood vessels as it thickens the blood and thus it makes the heart to need working more to get the blood circulation that the body needs. Over time, this extra work will tire the heart and things will start going wrong. Secondly, and perhaps even scarier, tobacco is now associated with lung cancer, a condition that will certainly kill the patient. This condition occurs slowly and smoothly and it does not cause symptoms until it is too late. That is why so many lung cancer patients can no longer fight their disease at the point when they detect it.

Different problems may occur as a result of smoking and the more and the earlier in life people start smoking, the worse for their chances to ever recuperate their health, children and teenagers are even more susceptible to develop this type of conditions because their organs might not even be completely developed and this habit will interfere with the normal development of their organs, such as lungs for instance. This is why it is so important to fight together to make the children and teenagers from nowadays understand that smoking does not make them cool, but on the contrary it makes them sick on the long term. Smoking is not an action that can prove one’s maturity, but it does prove otherwise. Starting to smoke at an early age proves that one does not have the maturity of judging the effects of smoking on the long term and it thus prove that individuals who do it are not more and not less than confused children who do not realize that proving to be a grownup means something totally different. That could even be choosing to stay away from tobacco and all the problems it causes.

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