Smoking has become a habit for too many people. Some time ago one would be cool if smoking and it used to be thought that smoking was even good for the health of individuals. The technological progress has proved however that cigarettes do nothing good for the smoker and not even for those who are surrounding the ones who choose this vicious habit. Many people at an early age start smoking just because they think this is a way in which they can show the others that they have grown. They see as a proof of their maturity but they do not realize that they are doing exact the opposite. Raising awareness about the dangers of smoking is greatly appreciated in a world in which parents seem to have less and less control over their children. Parents are not to be blame as they are too busy and too worried of how they are going to provide their families with what they need. These individuals need a helping hand because as it has been said, smoking is no good.

More and more people seem to be smoking these days as a means to relieve their stress but everyone knows by this time that this smoking is not the answer to the problem. Smoking perhaps may provide some relief on the moment but it does not solve the root of the problem and thus its help with stress is questionable. Furthermore, there are other ways to relieve stress, such as exercising, which is also good for one's physical health.

Until several years ago, non smoking individuals would not mind having friends who do smoke or being in the presence of smokers. This is because they used to think that it is one’s choice and it will only affect the smoker. But it is certain that passive smoking is as a bad, if not even worse than active smoking. That is why all the passive smokers in the world do have to ‘smoke’ even if they do not want it. People should really be able to choose whether they want to smoke or not.

Smoking is bad and nowadays even the smallest kid can understand this. And yet, somehow people keep on finding cigarettes attractive for some reason. It might be the campaigns through which they are promoted or something else, but one surely needs more organizations that can bring an end to this unhealthy habit.

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