Smoking has become one of the most dangerous habits that the society has witnessed until today. More and more people start smoking as the tobacco industry started being able to deliver as many cigarettes or tobacco products as addicted individuals would need. The saddest part of the story is that very young individuals start smoking these days because they want to show how mature and grownups they are. Unfortunately the statistics speak for themselves and they are worrying. More and more teenagers start smoking and the adults must take an attitude. Many people blame the parents for being unable to supervise their children. Yet, a responsible individual would know that the fault is not entirely of the parent. Children nowadays have as much freedom as they want and if they want to smoke they will do so, no matter of the position of their parents.

That is why one must seek other ways to get involved in the fight against tobacco and smoking, and there are plenty of such ways, as C.O.S.T. kids shows. Being informed is one of the first steps to take when it comes to becoming involved. Only those who know what all is about are in power to make a change. The next step is to be more aware of what happens in one’s community. Once one notices a store or a machine that would offer minors cigarettes with no problem, one should contact the owners of the store or even the police. In most states it is illegal to sell tobacco and alcohol to minor individuals. Writing or speaking to the owners of the places in town where children could get cigarettes might also be an effective action. Asking them to establish smoking free areas of their places could be a solution, but if the law does not ask one to do so, it might only work with those owners that put the interest of the children before their businesses. Acting alone can be troublesome as it might be more difficult to make one’s voice heard. So, one may try to gather a group of people with the same goals and pursue them together.

The next step is to get the officials involved. If store owners or restaurant owners are not cooperating, one might need to bring the issue in the public attention. Citizens have the right to come up with petitions to request bans on indoor smoking, vending machines and so on. Writing to the states legislators might also be a good thing to do. One might request higher taxes on cigarettes to discourage people and especially teenagers to smoke and use the revenue for educating the young people about the dangers of tobacco and smoking. If the state legislators are unresponsive, one may even mail the federal legislators.

One should always remember that the written press is always a good idea when it comes to getting more and more people involved or simply to increase the awareness of an issue. Writing to newspapers and magazines will always work in getting some attention on the subject. Nevertheless, people can manufacture more bans and t-shirts or anything else that can be used as a means of informing the others about the dangers of tobacco and smoking.

In the end, the smoking is dangerous to people who are not aware of what tobacco can do to their bodies and this accounts especially for the young individuals. But one can make a change through education because teenagers are the most at risk to start smoking without even knowing the risks that they are exposing themselves to and this would be such a shame for the society.

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